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La Casa de la Tercia is in Bedmar, within the insurmountable environment of “Sierra Mágina”. Bedmar is a 3500 inhabitant village consecrated to the produce of olive oil. It is near Jaén (43 km), very well communicated with the Renaissance villages of Úbeda and Baeza (recently added to Unesco's World Heritage List) which are 30 Kms far, and just 100 Kms away from Granada or Cordoba. Should you want to know the exact location, please go to the “¿Donde estamos?” link in the main page.

This is probably the most ancient house in our town. It began to be built in the 16th century and it has been totally restored with good taste and up-to-date details. For many centuries it was the warehouse of the tithe people gave to the Church and so it is called "La Casa de la Tercia" (the name refers to the tax division in three parts). Nevertheless, town people have always called it "The Parish House". It is close to the Town Hall and the Parish Church, a pedestian precint where children can play safely. There you can feel the flavour of history surrounded by strong walls, high ceilings, big wooden beams, stone pillars, spacious rooms, wide stairs, delecate decoration, restored furnitures, patios ....

The house has two big living-rooms, two totally equiped kitchens, two bathrooms, two patios, private car-park and six big and charming bedrooms in two floors. They provide comfortable accomodation to more than 12 guest, though we accept at least 2 guest.

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